In order to allow ourselves to align and reprogram we must let go of attachments to the past and fantasies of the future. This is easier said than done, I admit. It is in the present moment that we release the hustle and find alignment. This is the space where our power lies.

Too often there are belief systems in place that keep us from aligning with our dharma and creating a life full of love and abundance.

Retreating to a place that is connected to nature, clear, focused and safe allows us to set our barriers down and arrive in the now. Our surroundings are influential to how we react and respond to life. If the set and setting are chaotic or stressed, then our actions tend to be rooted in these energies as well. On the reverse of that idea, if environment is clear and connected then we can manifest from and arrive in a space of clarity.

There is power in changing the pattern. Our conscious mind can only be aware of 3-5 thoughts and patterns at a time, yet our subconscious is aware of ALL the thoughts and patterns. Our subconscious is running the show and is essentially what is deciding our behavior. The programming in our subconscious mind is powerful and most of the time overrides the conscious mind.

Think of yourself like a computer program. Our code is written into the system and we make decisions based on that code. In order to shift this, we must illuminate the hardwiring which are the core beliefs of the subconscious. In order to do this, we must deprogram ourselves.

A simple and profound way to do this is to shift our scene. Change the people, places and patterns of our everyday life, forcing ourselves into a new space. Through this new lens we can see a different perspective in which the deep patterns of the subconscious may reveal themselves.

Once we bring the subconscious patterns to the conscious level, we can reprogram. BOOM! Change the story. We cannot change what has happened, but we can shift our perspective on it. What once was a triggering memory can be understood and processed.

To speak from personal experience, I have had my biggest breakthroughs when I chose to retreat. Whether that meant traveling across the world or simply out into my backyard with the intention to disconnect with my current patterns in order to reprogram. Keep in mind that you need no other resource other than this intention to retreat. It was through creating new space and geographical change, however small or grand, that I began to understand the unconscious beliefs that were writing my story. It became clear how attached I was to these stories, no matter how tragic. I became aware that this trauma-based code was running my life. I was manifesting out of this fear, creating more fear. Allowing myself the space to unwind and examine gave me the perspective and choice to ditch the story.

This work is hard, and it is important to be held in a safe space surrounded by love. That may be the gentle yet mighty forces of nature, a shamanic village nestled deep in the jungle or a yoga retreat at the cliffs on the edge of the world. Whatever it looks like for you, do it. Make the time and take the S P A C E. Here you find expansion where love will inevitably fill.