Joshua Tree, California is a magical land that is home to Bhakti Fest every September. During this long weekend open hearted yogis come from far and wide to practice yoga, sing kirtan, dance, meditate, and experience works shops in healing, breath work and tantra. I was lucky enough to make the journey with some very special friends. 

When we arrived I immediately noticed the sincerity and authenticity of our new community. There was organic veggie food at every turn, huddles of people laughing and sharing, bright colorful artwork and tapestries displayed. Incense filled the hot, dry air as music rang through in communal places. Drum circles, guitars, sitars and tambourines were abound. Instruments that I had never seen were playing sounds I have never heard. Yogis chanted together happily. There seemed to be this ebb and flow that everyone moved with. People looked me in the eyes as we crossed paths, not giving into the fear to immediately look away. Intimacy with strangers was immediate and natural. 

The high vibrational frequency of the desert matched the crowd creating our own little world. It was as if we transported into another reality where the joy of life was expressed unabashedly. Spells could be woven and instant manifestation was taking place. It felt protected and safe as the guardians, spirit guides and angels of the crowd conjoined to protect this bubble of light.

I have been to many festivals on the west coast all which all opened me to something new, but nothing quite like this. No one was wearing makeup or dressed in costume. Clarity rather inebriation was the name of the game here. There was something raw and real about this place and this crowd. People at their simplest and most beautiful form. The encouragement to show up in honest form without judgment was refreshing to say the least.

Master teachers in yoga were on the docket all day long. Multiple stages for practice were discoverable though the meandering pathways through cacti and Joshua trees. Plenty of water, bare feet and a yoga mat in hand is all that is required. Doing yoga in filtered sunshine with my besties was the best wrap of summer one could ask for. For sure to be an annual tradition.