To some, my story may be too far out there to entertain at first, and to you I say, keep an open mind and know that all things are possible. Others may relate and know exactly to what I speak of, to you I say, I see you and you are not alone. Either way, thank you for tuning in. This is just a story, my story.

I am a galactic child who in 1983 arrived on the Earth. I am different from the many humans who have been here for a while, reincarnating. This is my first time here and my first human body. I am a starseed from the cosmos that has chosen a mission here in 3D. It took 35 years on this planet for me to recall this knowing. My mission is to bring and hold a high frequency for this planet and its inhabitants to activate and expand light within each one of us aiding in deep transformation and ascension for the collective human consciousness. The awakening to this mission and the bravery to act upon it has not been easy. However, through the practice of yoga, I have found the inner peace that will always lead me back to my dharma. The yogic path creates the space for me to arrive in the human experience and cultivate a virtuous life filled with purpose. When I am living in virtue, my starseed gifts of light work are able to come forward for me to share. Here is how I, the galactic yogi, came to remember...

From the beginning of my existence here I have always felt like I did not belong to this world. Earth felt like a foreign land and I didn’t know how to resonate with her. I spent my early childhood feeling very disconnected and lost, kind of like a home sick alien. As I ripened, I fueled sadness and anger with substances and destructive behaviors from my teenage years through my twenties. Guilt and shame took up residence within me. All of these low vibrational patterns began to take their toll, mentally physically and emotionally.  I was at a cross roads, death or transformation. I chose transformation. I made a move across the country on a whim and this is where I find the light, so keep reading….

Here in the vibrancy of California I found yoga, or maybe yoga found me. I reluctantly came to a yoga class as a last ditch effort, and forced myself to sit, breathe, moved chant. It was if something deep within remembered the practice. I kept showing up, rolling out my mat and stepping out into my journey of self mastery. Disciplines of all forms are designed to invite truth and discovery into ones life, and both came pouring into mine. Hidden emotional traumas, unknown belief systems and negative thought patterns were revealed. Instead of meeting these aspects of me with shame, I began to understand their roll in my life. I started to love the weirdness that was me and my story, even all the painful parts. The heart opening, devotional path of the Bhakti Yoga allowed me to love myself, truly. Rather than hiding from the fact I was different, I began to show myself fully to the world in all my unique ways. Something beautiful.

I had a misconception that the yoga is the asana, however, what I discovered is that yoga is not the warrior two or the headstand or the chair pose.  Instead, these poses bring us to the yoga. Through practicing asana and pranayama, I am able to challenge my physical and mental bodies so intensely that the only choice is to be here now because the postures and breath are taking up all of my concentration.  There is no space for the mind to wonder into the past or future. The only choice is now, now, and now. Freedom is in the now.

Yoga, if practiced, will do what it is designed to do, it will free you. Yoga indeed offers me liberation from my ego, human drama and suffering. Yoga is the space we arrive to when peace overcomes the chaos through discipline. This is the space that truth reveals itself, the space in which we remember. Through this state of being I began to remember who I am. At first, it was a remembering of all the stories. I remembered the planets I lived on before Earth. I remembered the different forms I took before I was human. I remembered the different lessons I chose, learned and completed. I remembered the contracts I agreed to. I remembered the gifts I was given and how they interwove into my purpose here. I remembered why I came here now. I was delighted with joy at this remembrance.

Perhaps though, I became too attached to the stories and the identities that were revealed because then through my meditations, the question arose, “Who am I if not my story?” I pondered this question for about a year, when finally, the answer came through an experience which is known as samadhi, the limb of yoga where the ego dissolves and we return to oneness. The first experience in samadhi was through the practice of breath work. It was brief yet profound. This was a state of pure bliss with no bounds. I was everything and nothing at the same time. As I was coming back into my body and psyche, it was as if I was seeing myself from a higher perspective. The answer was "I am not my story, I am the observer of my story.” AHA! The real I AM.

In this final limb of yoga where all boundaries dissolve, the interconnectedness of all existence is revealed. I am the hero, the villain, the daughter, the father, the alien, the Earthling, the light, the dark, the demon and the savior. In this realization, unity emerges, unbound by ideology, race, or creed.  Real unification. When we can view the world in this way, compassion and love can override all fear. As we transform internally so does the external, because we are ONE.

My experiences and stories guide, teach and define me, yet, I must remain detached from them. This is the conundrum that we all face in duality. When I am feeling polarized by nature of this reality, I come back to my practice, the yoke, the union, the yoga. I practice and practice and practice. I find the space of unity with in myself only accessible in the present moment. I return to this again and again.

In a nutshell, yoga saved my life and ultimately set me free. Now I teach. I share this practice and hold space for those who are also seeking freedom. I dedicate my life to helping others find liberation from their stories. Bhakti yoga, Vinyasa yoga, breath work, light work and visualization are my modalities. With absolute rawness and authenticity I show up for my students with full presence to hold space for their journey of unraveling and remembering. I have witnessed such deep transformation in my student body over the years. It has been an honor to serve my community and watch all the amazing yogis and Jedis find your light. This is yoga. This is what I teach. Underneath it all, we are ONE.